Legacy Software

All Legacy Software is provided "as is". It is no longer supported by Oraculum Engineering. We are not responsible for any problems that you may encounter.

Felis Character Roster Program

Last Updated: 01/02/2009
Description: Author Character Development Tool
Overview: This is the Felis Character Roster Program. It was designed and programmed with standard default character profile information such as: Name (first, middle, last, nick), Age, Birthdate, Gender, Preference, Eye Color, Hair Color, Original Story, Significant Partner, Race/Species, and an extra section just for character notes. It allows you to view a list of all the characters entered and their information and has advanced search methods that allow you to search by first name, last name, nick name, or by story. The design allows for multiple stories to be entered and easily sorted. When you are finish adding character profiles the program saves it as an encrypted file that's even lockable to prevent others from modifying the file. It also allows you to export the file as a text file.
Download Link: Download Here


Felis Translation Circuit

Last Updated: 12/14/2009
Description: Text Swapping Translation Tool
Overview: The Felis Translation Circuit is a simple tool that allows you to keep different sets of translation keys for made up languages (you know, those languages we make up for our stories). Its a simple tool that pretty much just swaps out letters for whatever substitute you want it to (example: 'a' -> 'ao' or 't' -> 'w' and so on). It will keep track of an infinite number of keys, called Circuits, that you create, and it will even allow you to export and import different Circuits that you create so that you can share them with others. It comes with a Circuit called Reverse Text just to give you a Circuit to start with!
Download Link: Download Here